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Company advantages

Fujiiryoki Medical Instruments MFG. Co., Ltd is ISO 13485:2016 Certified as: MANUFACTURER of THERAPEUTIC CHAIRS, in Japan, OSAKA.          


√. In 1954 Fujiiryoki Medical invented the first massage chair and become the world first mass-producer of massage chairs. √. World’s only 100% Japanese Manufacturer. √. Top market share in Japan. √. We manufacture most durable made in Japan massage chairs for your health. √. We sold approximately 500,000 units from 1989 until now worldwide. √. In 2023, we celebrate 69 years of existence.

Fuji Medical Headquarters (Osaka)

One step, two steps, three steps....

We will take our best and go further.

Achievement of 100% Made in Japan excludes as far as possible technological distortion and deterioration. Fuji Medical Headquarters in Osaka.   


Excellent quality is the Key of Fuji Medical.

Researches based on high expertise

“Development of products tailored to customers' thoughts” is a system beyond flexibility that is the driving force behind the future pioneering of Fuji Medical,which has produced numerous top products .


Test our premium massage chairs, in any of our Global Locations                                                                                                                                                                     


North America and Oceania (North America, Canada, Australia)                                                                                                               


FUJIIRYOKI massage chairs are in several different countries as you can see.Your visit for a free massage is always welcome!


Europe (EUROPE)                                                                                                                                                                             


United Kingdom, Belgium, The Nederlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland,


Germany,Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Grecee, Romania, Poland,




FUJIIRYOKI Asia                                                                                                                                                                                


Fujiiyroki maintained as Market Leader


Korea / Japan / China /             

Taiwan / Philippines Vietnam / Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore                  



Fujiiryoki remain after 66 years number one choice for clients that seek the best for their health. All our massage chairs are made for home use



                                                                                                                                                                                                              WHO RECOMMENDED FUJIIRYOKI MASSAGE CHAIRS WORLD WIDE?  





Contact our local representative in UK, We deliver from stock 5-10 working days:[email protected], or by phone/ what's up:  073910 235 75   We cover warranty only for Fujiiryoki massage chairs in UK.

Warning: The only massage chairs Fujiiryoki is manufacturing are those shown on our website: BE CAREFUL WITH  FAKE AGENTS THAT USE OUR NAME AND BRAND IN ORDER TO SELL LOW QUALITY MASSAGE CHAIRS WITHIN THE UK. IN MANY CASES CUSTOMERS ARE BEING INFORMED THAT THE MASSAGE CHAIRS THEY PURCHASE, ARE MANUFACTURED IN UK OR JAPAN. We are the only website in the UK that sell authentic Japanese Massage chairs. At this moment and the year 2023, there is no other manufacturer of THESE Massage chairs or assembly line in the UK, Europe or USA.

We as a rule, answer in 1 hour during working hours. Maximum 24 hours during end of the week, or simply call us: 07391023575

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