*New: World's first 5D+AI, Japanese Mechanism

AI Double Sensing

5D + AI mechanism

45 types and 86 kinds of Best-in-class※1 kneading techniques

35 types of courses

Swing stretch function

Flat Position - Zero Gravity

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NEW! Kneading action with 5D-AI mechanism

NEW! AI Double sensing: Carefully detects and predicts each body shape to optimize the massage.

NEW! 45 types and 86 kinds of kneading techniques.

NEW! Elaborately massage each part with air.

NEW! 3 types of stretching techniques


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4D/4S VIP course massage

Elite therapy course massage

Slow Stretch massage

Air Relaxation massage

The Best alternative for anma massage and other massage types; to be used at home;

to rejuvenate, to relieve muscle tiredness, to relieve neuralgia and muscular pain, to improve blood circulation, and to relieve muscle tension

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Professional 4D techniques

"Massage sommelier" courses massage

Slow Stretch massage

Air Relaxation massage

When muscles become tired, they stiffen, and it is said that tired and stiff muscles press on blood vessels and terminal nerves, from surface muscles to deep muscles, causing poor blood circulation.

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Low style design to create a spacious space In order to not give a feeling of pressure in the room, the backrest is lowered, and the seat surface is lowered with an emphasis on sitability, and the "low style" design. The low style makes the entire room a spacious and clean impression, creating a space where you can relax and unwind.

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