Manufacturer warranty

Fujiiyroki Medical, provides you international warranty. Furthermore, With a strong World Wide reputation is built on more than 65 years of existence- Fujiiryoki is not offering just high quality massage chairs, but high quality after sale services. Our Team is prepared to respond technical matters, trained by Japanese engineers.   


When purchasing a massage chair, first thing you want to know is if you can trust the company you buy from? Are you really purchasing from a real manufacturer or you dealing  with a company that is rebranding? 
Are they having good warranty services? What is there history? Are there products quality?   

Where are they producing? At moment there is no manufacturer in Europe, that produce massage chairs. So be carefull when you meet sellers that claim that they are pruducing chairs here in Europe.    Always verify information!!!

Do they store the massage chairs correctly?
Fujiiyroki Medical invented massage chair 65 years ago and managed to maintain as No#1, Since then. When you buy a massage chair from Fujiiyroki Medical you know exactly what are you buying and you know from who. So in case of warranty matters, all you need to do is get on the website, insert your S/N and your warranty will be solved. 
Our World Quality Performance and most durable massage chairs can be seen and found on any high premium website of massage chiars. 
  • More than 500,000 Massage chairs sold World wide!
  • Worlds most durable massage chair ever manufactured
  • Recomanded by Johnson & Johnson World Wide
  • Medically certificate
  • World's only massage chair made 100% in Japan
  • Built with Hitachi Medical components
  • Proven medical results and effects over health
  • 85 massage techniques

We as a rule, answer in 1 hour during working hours. Maximum 24 hours during end of the week, or simply call us: 07391023575

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