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Probably not many of us know who is the first massage chairs manufacturer in the world or it does not matter for them. What matter is the massage chairs offered today on the market and there benefits to our lives. 

Founded in 1954, Fujiiryōki Japan, is the first company to successfully mass-produce massage chairs. The best part about the producer of massage cahir brand, Cyber Relax, is that even today after 69 years it is still number one manufacturer in the world. Such performance is difficult to maintain but definitely is worth anyones atention. Thousands  of clients each year choose to buy fujiiryoki for healthier life style. Medical centers, Gym's Corporations, Private companies, private clients. Studies show that even people that suffer from deperssion etc.... Fujiiryoki has helped many of us and still do with new models that reach our most exclusive expectations. 

There is no secret that Japan rules and it's quality is very strict- in other words if you buy a massage chair made in Japan you know you give yourself the best you can. More over Fujiryoki massage chairs parts are made by Hitachi Medical and Nissan. It is the only massage chair produced 100% in Japan. Leading world manufacturer Fujiiryoki shares how the devices have evolved over the decades from the first models to today's high-tech machines.

Relaxation worth the price: Anyone that has tested a Fujiiryiki massage device, It felt like an entire team of masseuse experts were massaging there body. These AI High-Tech Japanese models are using the most advance world technique to eliminate daily stress gatherd on a busy day. Although the Luxury Fujiiryoki Treatment chairs are not the cheapest, for many people stress relief is worth the cost.

“There's a perfect fit for any home,” claims Nakai Tadahito, president of medical device maker Fujiiryōki. “Models have such a range of options that each member of the family, young or old, can choose individual preferences and enjoy a one-of-a-kind massage.” The Cyber Relax 1100 boast with 85 different kneading techniques, 21 automated programs and 12 region-specific massages along with other options that gives users a full-body experience.

Nakai says the introduction of features like stretching functions and analysis technology has broadened the role of chairs to include health management. “People can use the stretching and heated massage programs to warm up or cool down while exercising, as well as when going to bed and waking up.” These options can also be combined with the auto massage function to aid treatment of certain physical conditions by keeping the body loose and preventing symptoms from flaring up. 


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