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  I have not even received it yet, and I love it. I have used this chair several times in a local back care store. Furthermore, I've ordered it and before has even come in yet, but I'm in love. For me, the turning point was the separate shoulder sensor, which detects where my neck and shoulder meet. Having detected where my shoulder lie, the chair proceeded to perform a shoulder and upper back massage that was truly better than any human masseuse. It even knew where my shoulder blades were and wrapped the massage down and out around those bones. It was heavenly. Handy tip: there are numerous programs and options within programs, and the remote control has a great description of the amazing functionality of the chair. Print out and laminate the chair in the user manual that display what can be adjusted in each massage, from both the auto massage and the manual menus. Now if only my chair would arrive today... 



  I love that this chair doesn't look huge. Such Luxury and classy. Basically the sides come in a bit, and it visually looks more trim, so you're getting a large full size chair, but it doesn't look like those giant spaceship chairs. The features are so amazing, especially for a lady that is a personal trainer like myself. Totally recommend it.

Lori M


  I bought this Fujiryoki JP-1000, for my husband, who has struggles with back and neck pain since his high school football days. Now, long days at a desk are killing him, and he is a wreck when he gets home. We have had simpler chairs in the past and this is our 3rd massage chair. All I can say is that this chair is like no other I have experiences. It took us a little while, but once we learned about all the manual techniques (pages and pages of them), this chair is the best thing I have ever purchased. There is NEVER a time when we can't find an advantage movement to get in to our pantyhose areas. Our past chair was strong but often hurt. This chair is super strong but seems to never hurt, it makes me fall asleep - this is how managing the features are. I am guessing it is a different level of programming as it really does hit all the right areas. I know it was expensive, but to our older $4000 chair, the cost is not a factor now. Thank you Fujiiryoki Synca! 



  This massage chair is one of a kind. I have had the Fujiiryoki chair for a few months now, and I still haven't tried all the different functions and features. It really seems endless. I had some questions about usage. The service department was really patient with me and stayed on the phone for about 40 min explaining in detail about how I need to use it. Amazing service. I can give 10 starts to Fujiiryoki Company. 



  I have been testing massage chairs for the last 4 years. I went to different markets and sit in every massage chair. Likewise, I look for some major factors. Neck/lower back and foot rollers. Each chair will do one thing better than the next. So what I looked for is a char that hits the major needs for me. This chair is by far the best in neck/back and foot roller. Other chairs try to confuse me by adding lights and air filters to say it's better. A2 rollers are 50000% better than A4 if you are looking for a deep tissue massage. They have more control and can even pop your back. I totally recommend Fujiiryoki.

S. Chang



Best Massage Chair - to be honest. Great massage for the neck. Fujiryoki is similar to human massage. Amazing features. I love the stretching. Totally the best Japan can offer. 

Roy. M


  Love this massage chair. I have the JP-1100 a few weeks ago, and I am in love with it, the massage it gives me makes me feel like I've been on vacation, the back massage strength is unbelievable, it feels like a person is doing it, I am very please, made in Japan, awesome quality, just an awesome massage chair for home. The unique features are amazing. 

Carlos A.


  Love my new JP-1100 massage chair. Guys this is the best things I've ever bought for myself, my back is so much happier with therapy from using this 4D massage chair daily, the quality of it is so great, the strength of the back massage is unbelievable, is expensive but worth spending, really.

Glen Allen


  Fantastic product- This is the best massage chair we have ever tried. Easy to use, great features, great looks. The foot massage  give great relief and the sciatic are massage is fantastic. 



  I have tested many massage chairs but never tested Fujiiryoki massage chair before I purchase it. Believe it or not I have order it online before I have tested it and I can say I made a great choice. This massage chair is amazing and is made in Japan. My car is made in Japan, my TV. I totally recommend it. 



  The Best thing I ever bought. Since purchasing this chair, it has been in daily use. It is remarkable. 

Henry H.


  Best massage chair. I have had long time issues in my upper back and neck from a car accident I had when I was younger, and I have been a long time massage chair owner as a result. I was looking for a new chair and neck and shoulder massage this chair can do is the best I have ever felt. Furthermore, I can say enough about quality of the neck and shoulder massage on this chair. Likewise, I haven't felt relief like this is years. I highly recommend Fujiiryoki Chair, plus it doesn't hurt my wife loves the foot massage. 




Great massage chair. My husband and I both have severe issues. We both get massages from chiropractics care, physical therapy, facial stretching and this has been added to our routine. Hoping to cut down on all of these things so that we can just use the chair.Fujiiryoki massage us from the head to toes. Still playing with all the different setting to see what all is has to offer. It's comfortable and simple to use. The customer service from is fantastic. We are so grateful. I highly recommend it.  




  Edimburg - "I feel so lucky to be able to buy this massage chair."  




Many thanks to Marie, great sales person, I hope you can publish this review.  I am so impressed by how well your company handle every little detail and new JP-1100 is offering me perfect and calm sleep. I do use it

after my training and the tension in my muscle gets so relaxed. I totally recommend Fujiiyroki JP2000. Thank you, John, for great delivery services. Thank you. Adam.

Mr. G. V


   "Thank you for great product and services."



  "I am a chiropractic and never though a  massage chair can straighten my back this way. Amazing. Thank you. Vicky"

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