We deliver from stock in usually 24 hours, except for bussy periouds when delivery time must adjust to prority delivery schedule


White Glove Delivery : With white glove conveyance, the massage chairs will be hand-conveyed into your residence and fully assembled at our organisation costs.

All standard transportation is a curbside conveyance administration. This deal covers most things sent by ground inside the United Kingdom. By curbside conveyance, knead seats will show up pre-gathered in its unique processing plant boxes except if in any case referenced. The shipping organization will convey the things to your carport or entrance, and you will be liable for entering it into your residence.If the place we're you'll willing to place the massage chair is not a ground floor you'll most likely require a second person to help.  Each massage chair is equipped with 2x back small wheel that enable you to move them anywhere in your home with easily.

We as a rule, answer in 1 hour during working hours. Maximum 24 hours during ends of the week, or simply call us: 0739 1023 575

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