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Zero Gravity vs Flat(180′)


Massage chair are more and more used in each home for relaxation. Fujiiryoki new generation massage chairs bring a variety of new features for each user, such as “S” and “L” track rollers, foot shiatsu massage, auto- programs,  triple air massage techniques and more than Zero Gravity position and that is called “Flat position 180’). 

Zero gravity massage is very well known for its benefits. It is inspired by NASA as it imitates the position of astronauts when they launch into space. This position was designed by specialists to distribute the weight evenly across the whole body. This position is known to minimise pressure and pain.

Why is Fujiiryoki Medical Flat 180’ position more beneficial for relaxation?

While regular masage chairs recline to 128 degrees into Zero Gravity, Fuji Medical allow each user to recline to 180’ degreees. This position is similar to when you lay in bed, when body is completely weightless. Major advantage is that this maximize comfort and minimize pressure. Easy adjust the leg part and lift your legs higher than your body- this position is well known to increase blood flow which can help the heart and body.

What are the benefits of the 180’ degrees flat position?

Every single feature in the Fujiiryoki Medical chair is designed to offer maximum comfort and refief to person using it. Flat position in particular offers a number of health benefits, very good for your body:

  • Reduces back pain and the pain in the lower back area

Are you suffering from back pain often? Fujii Medical massage chair can eliminate all pressure and stress accumulated during the day. 

Feet are at same level with your heart, this relaxing position increase blood flow throughout the body, helping the muscle, heart, muscles and arteries. For those who want to look healthier and have a healthier skin massage into 180’ flat position is recommended as it makes you feel healthier and increased blood circulation helps skin.

  • Helps reduce swelling

This is an immediate effect directly connected to fact that blood circulation is improving

Do you have trouble breathing when lying down? Fuji Medical research team have though of this as well. Our massage technique is recommended to those that suffer from asthma or sleep apnea.

  • Maximise daily relaxation and relief stress

If you do not know what massage chair to choose, just buy the one that more than 500,000 customers trust for more than 65 years: Fujiiryoki Medical massage chair, the only massage chair manufacturer that produces 100% in Japan.

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