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New 2020 Japanese massage chair

The new 5D+AI Japanese Massage Chair release 2020

After Fujiiryoki Medical already impress it’s clients with the luxury of the Japanese masage, available in comfort of they’re own home. In 2020 Fujiiryoki Medical- World’s No.1 Manufacturer launch the new JP-2000 model. A massage chair like no any other seen before. The combination of science and medical experts enable to reach the World’s first 5D+ AI technique. Lets take a look at the health benefits:

AI Double Sensing: The advanced high-precision sensing technology automatically detects your back line and shoulder height, and reflects the information in the 5D-AI mechanism, allowing you to experience the optimal massage that matches your body shape. S-line detection system.

Experience the massages that combine the kneading mechanisms of AI with the wisdom of Fujiiryoki:

New 5D-AI mechanism developed by Fujiiryoki. We have developed a control system in which information such as
the user’s body shape or state of muscles is automatically reflected in the massages through AI. We tailor the intensity, skill and smoothness to match each individual’s body.

Carefully detects and predicts each body shape to optimize the massage.

Kneading action with 5D-AI mechanism. Gentle, deep and through.
Trying to achieve comfort that goes beyond that of a hand massage
5D+AI mechanism.

Spot concentration technique

Order yours today and enjoy the luxury of the original massage chair healing.

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