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Where is Fujiiryoki made?

Because many of our clients have no idea about massage chairs before they buy one, we decided to add some more information  concerning who we are as a Manufacturer. 

Some clients ask us if Fujiiyroki really is made in Japan 100%?, well here is our answers: If all over the world/internet you can read that “ FUJIIRYOKI IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURER THAT PRODUCE 100% IN JAPAN” it’s got to be true. I mean, when you hear, the same story all over the internet in so many countries than, is got to be true…., don’t you think? For those that have any small doubts please check reviews and websites. What other companies. And clients say about us.

In US you can find it easy as is sold by Jonhson&Jonhson Health and Fitness under name SYNCA JP-1100

There are plenty online reviews to serve potential customers that are looking for they’re ideal massage chair.

Fujiiryoki Medical seems to have it all at first sight. And with a massage chair with a high price tag, and world great reputation, most users order it before even testing it, because they trust they buy the best for themselves and that is exactly what they get.

Lets look at the value

Highly customised to body needs, unique patent features, manufactured based on medical research, parts made by Hitachi Medical, leather by Nissan, well when you order such massage chair you already know you have the best for your home/office/ hotel …etc

The best news is that Fujiiryoki is NOT made in China.

Could the Japanise massage chair really meet all body requirements?

New JP-1000 massage chair have lot of internet articles and TV presentations that is Worlds most advance massage chair. It is designed to provide only the best advantages in terms of massage  quality, so lets see what features look like:

  • Kiwami Mecha 4D Knead Ball System – this massage controls the speed and mimics human hands. The feture is a lot better than L-track as it provides a more detailed and advanced massage. The massge balls go up and down the spine and well as back and forth ( 3D movement) this makes the massage more thorough.
  • 85 massage techniques: While a lot of massage chair have they’re massage options set to an intensity level, that is either too weak, too strong and sometimes even too painful.

Fujiiryoki offer you a balance with all massage programs with a 4D knead ball. You can easy choose between 12 different intensity levels for each massage. The strongest option is the “kiwami deep tissue massage”

Customizable back massage rollers- you can choose the exact type of massage you want.

Unique feature! The massage chair enable you to have a complete control over the massage rollers.

We invite you to discover all massage functions in the comfort of your own home and relax.

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