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Foot sole acupressure unique 4D roller shape

Just like professional masseur who holds your feet in place with his hands while performing acupressure on the soles of feet, your ankles and insteps will be held in place with airbags as special rollers massage your entire feet intensively. Two protruding rollers- high protrusion and gentle protrusion, stretch and relax the area from the arch of
the foot to the outside of the sole. Foot sole heater. Gently warms
the feet that tends to get cold easily

Foot sole heater: 3 levels of strength adjustment

You can choose from 3 strength levels for the rollers on the soles, by adjusting the strength of the airbags that hold you from insteps to the ・It is possible to just use the heaters. ・Set temperature: approximately 43 degrees (set temperature and feels like ankles.