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Medicarelax Holding Ltd. based in 3rd Floor, Wickham House 2, Upper Teddington Road Kingston, Thames KT1 4DY, United Kingdom, is the only direct importer of the Fujiiryoki Massage Chairs in UK and Ireland.

Fujiiryoki Japan:

Since 1954, the company Fuji Medical Instruments Ltd. Japan, has leading the world in mass producing massage chairs. The company has spread this "unique Japanese massage culture" around the world and has contributed to the improvement of lifestyle and health management for many people. Since its founding, Fujiiryoki has always developed products that meet the needs of customers and is currently developing a wide range of products that are certified medical devices. History of massage chairs First design prize.


1967 - Fuji creates the first massage chair "Tapping" and "Kneading" in the world. 
1975 - Fuji creates the following model that automatically switches from kneading to tapping. 
1979 - First massage chair with rolling. 
1995 - First air massage chair in the world. 
2001 - The world's first 3D navigation system 
2003 - Receives the special design prize and brings the heating function to the 3D massage chair with air massage, rolling massage, automatic switching of kneading and tapping, tapping and kneading. 
2004 - The world's first shoulder massage chair. 
2013 - receives the Certified Design Award for Mechanical Engineering Heritage by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. "Origin" of the massage chair: The first FUJIIRYOKI automatic massage machine 
1954 The world's first mass-produced massage chair was born in Osaka, Japan. 
2014 Officially designated as "Heritage of Mechanical Engineering". In 1954, FUJIIRYOKI develops the first mass-produced massage chair in the world


FUJIIRYOKI was founded in 1954. Later, Nobuo Fujimoto, who was the founder and opened "Fujiiryoki Workshop" at Hannamancho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City and this was the beginning.
At that time, many Japanese went to public baths in the city. Fujimoto, who sold scrubbing brushes to wash the tiles in the public baths, wondered if he could do anything in the dressing room  where people gather and relax to cure the fatigue of the day and he began to develop a massage chair. The first prototypes were made from a "mountain of waste". After trying to assemble several times from materials such as wood, baseballs, bicycle chains, car handles, the world's first mass-produced massage chair "the first machine, FUJIIRYOKI automatic massage" was finally completed in 1954.
Only a massage function "kneading" has been equipped and it is a simple mechanism in which the massage balls move up and down by turning the handle which is placed on the side. She broke the traditional idea  of ​​"tapping, kneading by hand or using human tools" and became a revolutionary product such as "machine massage, simply sitting on the chair". Massage chairs have become popular from public baths, from hot spring inns to homes and around the world to continue to support people's health. The first machine created is the origin of the massage chair.



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