2023 new 5D+AI Japanese innovations

Certified by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Government of Japan

The famous Fujiiryoki Medical chair is for individuals who demand the best that a healthy and peaceful environment has to offer. The unique massage chair built entirely in Japan. No other massage chair can match all of our proprietary, individually designed features and programs. Produced in Japan using Hitachi components. We take great pride in being the first company to introduce the newest HiTech in health relaxation: the 5D+Artificial Intelligence massage system.

We are proud to receive an honest, review from: British businessman and former Member of the European Parliament: Sir Jack Stewart-Clark:

"I find the JP 2000 an excellent massage chair, which helps me every evening to relax."

We as a rule, answer in 1 hour during working hours. Maximum 24 hours during end of the week, or simply call us: 07391023575

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